Work > Colonel Cuckoo (radio play, 2012 - 2013)

Colonel Cuckoo (in collaboration with Youjin Jeon and Minki Hong)

'Colonel Cuckoo' is a radio play by 175-64-All. It is based on an original novel titled Colonel Cuckoo, which was published on the Korean gay website Ivancity in early 2012. The story is about a gay boy in his early 20s who started his 2-year mandatory military service in Korea and falls in love with the Colonel. Falling in love with fellow soldiers or officers during military service is a common fantasy among most Korean gay people.

175-64-All is a collaborative group that was formed by artist Kang S. Lee to create a body of work in relation to Korean queer culture. Colonel Cuckoo was produced in collaboration with filmmaker/music composer/multimedia artist Youjin Jeon and film producer Minki Hong.