Work > Briefly Gorgeous (2021)

Untitled 2
Untitled 2
Mixed media
72.8 x 60.4 in (185 x 153.5 cm)

Untitled (fierce pussy, For The Records, 2013-ongoing), graphite and watercolor on paper
Untitled (Poppy Seeds), inkjet print
SLUTFORART, antique 24k gold thread, Tahitian pearls on Sambe
Untitled (David Wojnarowicz, IF I DIE OF AIDS FORGET BURIAL JUST DROP MY BODY ON THE STEPS OF THE F.D.A.), graphite on paper
Untitled, graphite on paper
Untitled, injet print
Untitled (TKC, Label), inkjet print
Untitled (TKC, Juan Rivera), inkjet print
Untitled (Avram Finkelstein, Journal Notes, Sketches For Poster), inkjet print
We’re Asians, Gay & Proud, inkjet print
AIDS Research by Kiyoshi Kuromiya, inkjet print
Untitled (Tseng Kwong Chi wearing a “SLUTFORART” t-shirt), inkjet print
Untitled, acrylic, mother of pearl, wood, feather from 1850s
Untitled (Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Forbidden Colors, 1988), ink on Yupo paper
Cruise Or Be Cruised, Bootleg FGT Press Release, silkscreen on t-shirt
Untitled, acrylic on MDF, mother of pearl
Untitled (Flower, Garden), antique 24k gold thread on Sambe
Untitled (Will of Michael Derek Jarman), inkjet print
Untitled, wood, mother of pearl, candle, mother of pearl button
Untitled (Goh Choo San, Dead), inkjet print
Untitled (Sunday Seoul), inkjet print
Untitled (Pagoda Cinema), inkjet print