Work > Imaginaries of the Future (2020)

Exhibited as part of Looking For Another Family at the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul. (Curator: Joowon Park)

Taking the form of a bookstore lounge or a living room, Imaginaries of the Future brings together ideas surrounding queerness, queering and the queer history in Korea. Notable works in the project include a series of drawings based on photographs by Tseng Kwong Chi, a Hong Kong- born American queer artist who died from an AIDS-related illness in 1990; as well as an interactive piece, The Future Perfect, in collaboration with Beatriz Cortez, and Untitled (Library), a collaborative library installation by Lee and the Seoul-based literary critic, Hyejin Oh. The installation also includes video works by other queer artists such as Jennifer Moon, Juntae Tee Jay Hwang, Young Joon Kwak, and Dylan Mira. In addition, an online and offline performance by the drag performance artists MORE JIMIN was held at the museum as part of Lee’s project.

Imaginaries of the Future functions as an exhibition within an exhibition and engages collective voices together pointing out displaced lives and voids in the history and discourse that informs future thinkers. Valuing multiple perspectives, narratives and possibilities, the project creates a space where the viewers imagine ideas of a queer future.

Text and photos: Courtesy of MMCA, Korea