Work > Imaginaries of the Future (2020)

The Future Perfect (in collaboration with Beatriz Cortez)
The Future Perfect (in collaboration with Beatriz Cortez)
Mixed media
12 x 4 x 4 in. (30 x 10 x 10 cm)

Dear Friends,

We are writing to you with a favor. For a project at the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Seoul, we are collaborating on a piece titled e Future Perfect, an interactive sculpture that will print messages in Korean, Spanish, and English. e work is based on the proposals by Italian philosopher Rosi Braidotti, who
speaks of collective nomadic subjectivities and of the possibilities contained in the future perfect tense. We believe that words have the power to will the future into being and that together we can imagine a dierent future. In particular, we are interested in imagining together the idea of a queer future, understood as a very open term that addresses not only issues of gender and sexuality, but also values beyond the binary and heteronormativity, and that opens up spaces for solidarity and non-denition. We would like to invite you to send us one of your desires related to this collective queer future to share with us and to continue unfolding futures for others through this interactive sculpture. We ask for your sentence to be imagined in the plural form of the future perfect, and to begin with "When the future comes."

Warm regards,
Beatriz Cortez and Kang Seung Lee

Desires by:
Andrea Bowers, Andy Campbell, Beatriz Cortez , Candice Lin, Cassils, Claire Colebrook, Claire Breukel, Dylan Mira, Javier Ramírez/Nadie, Jennifer Moon, Julie Tolentino, Kang Seung Lee, Marco Antonio Flores, Mariah Garnett, Mario Cader-Frech, Millie Wilson, Nao Bustamante, Nicole Miller, Nikita Gale, P. Staff, Ricardo Roque, Tom Burr